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The Massage Haven in Agawam, MA

Investing in massage is an investment in your health- and you are worth it.

We provide Massage Techniques that are individualized based on the client's request and needs. We will help you relax with either a Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage and/or Trigger Points. We also offer Hot Stone massage and Couples massages. See below for Massage rates: 

Massage Therapy
30 Minute - $45.00         
60 Minute - $70.00         
90 Minute  - $90.00         
60 Minute (Couples) - $140.00 
Infused Essential Oils - $5.00        
Hot Stone Massage
75 Minute Hot Stone Massage - $90.00
30 Minutes - $45.00        
60 Minutes - $70.00         
90 Minutes (Massage/Foot Reflexology Combo) - $90
Do Terra Aroma Touch Technique
35 Minutes - $50.00         
60 Minutes Aroma Touch/Massage Combo - $85
90 Minutes Aroma Touch/Massage Combo - $100       
When used in aromatherapy massage, Essential Oils help promote and support wellness, relaxation, and overall well being. See the options above for incorporating aromatherapy into your massage:  

For more information about essential oils and how to enhance your overall health, please visit our Wellness Advocate page at

Emotion Code

Session - $65


Add-on to any session - $20.00
Biomat Naps - $1.00 per minute
(The Professional Biomat emits far infrared rays and negative ions. Infrared and negative ion therapies reduce stress and fatigue,increase blood circulation, support the immune system, promote restful sleep for those with occasional sleeplessness, relax muscles, reduce inflammation, relieve minor muscle pain, ease minor joint pain and temporary relieve joint pain associated with arthritis).
Scan - $10         
Scan & Nutritional Consult - $25



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